Books for a Beautiful World: 2018 Year in Review

Books for a Beautiful World: 2018 Year in Review

About a year ago, I started Books for a Beautiful World. The purpose of this blog was to review books that promote a better, kinder, more just world. I examined books that promoted courage and standing up for human rights and each other. I also looked at books with diverse characters, both so students can see themselves in texts and so that they can better understand others. I blogged about how to use texts to teach about various issues, such as refugees, climate change, or LGBTQ pride at school.

As a year in review, I have assembled a list of the main themes in the blog, along with the texts that fall under those categories. Links to various blog entries are below.

I have enjoyed this project throughout the year and aim to continue in 2019. If you have any requests for book recommendations on particular themes or you'd like to suggest a book, let me know in the comments or via my twitter handle @abeja_el.

Identity - Books where a character questions or explores their identity


Human Rights - Books that feature human rights issues, like discrimination, and the struggle against these issues


Courage - Books that feature characters who must demonstrate courage to make the world a better place


Indigenous Characters - Books that prominently include Indigenous characters or perspectives


LGBTQ Characters - Books that feature LGBTQ characters


Environment - Books that encourage students to protect the natural world


Mental Health - Books with topics relating to mental health and mental illness